Swivel Ball Details


Anyone who has spent time lying on their back servicing or replacing a splined swivel ball drive shaft will be thrilled to find this new tool from Todd’s Performance in their tool box.  When servicing the ball coupling, this new offering would first be used as a puller if needed to mechanically remove the ball spline end of the drive shaft from the coupling in the rear. After the female spline coupling on the input shaft of the rear is packed with grease, the tool presses the ball spline back into the coupler.  In practice these operation do not require a press fit, but can be a real handful when being done without two people and a mechanical aid (like two pair of Vise Grip pliers) when the coupling is full of grease. One of the best things with the tool it is designed so that when the Ball is pulled into place it holds the driveshaft in line and tight and you are now able to concentrate on putting the seal and snap ring in place.

The tool is CNC machined from quality aluminum stock.  The female threads for the clamp bolts are rolled threads for added strength and service life.   Two studs, nuts and washers come with the kit.


It is very simple to put the tool on line:

  • First remove the fasteners that hold the torque tube flange to the rear. 
  • Unhook the torsion bar arms, radius rods and w-link and slide the rear back as in normal maintenance.  
  • Slide the torque tube forward and attach the drive shaft clamp.  Then  thread the two studs supplied with the tool into unused threads in the face of the rear, one each top and bottom. 
  • Once the studs are aligned, tighten up the drive shaft clamp.   This clamp fits a full range of drive shaft diameters, up to 1.875 inches.  
  • Remove the snap ring from the coupling and use the nuts on the studs to extract the ball spline from the coupling. 
  • If all you are doing is lubricating the ball spline, pack the inside of the coupling with the grease that was recommended by the drive shaft manufacturer, change the location of the nuts on the studs and pull the ball spline back into the coupling .   
  • Replace the snap ring and seal and move on to the next item on your maintenance list.

Give Todd a call to order this must have deal. 

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